Tango first launched in 2001 and was created to act as an intermediary between main street business brokers and private equity groups. Our team has completed 56 middle market M&A transactions as principals doing successful roll-ups in several industries. Afterward, we spend ten 10 years managing a hedge fund investing in small publicly traded companies, so we know our way around When Tango Equity was originally launched it published, The Tango Report which tracked transaction and ranked industries from “hot” to “cold” depending on the activity.

Tango also had established relationships with 1,300 main street business brokers and middle market intermediaries. We also had relationships with 800 PEGs and Family Offices and supplied them with potential transactions from sources that they would have otherwise missed.

We take nothing from the business brokers and intermediaries and charge them nothing for our services and introductions. To the contrary, we provide the introduction to financially established professionals capable of completing a quick deal and guarantee their payment in accordance with their agreement with the seller.

The only thing that we ask is for the business brokers to provide us with a 5-10 day embargo on the release of the transaction to the general public. This is usually done immediately after the engagement and even before the collateral material is prepared.

Our objective is to act as an intermediary to speed the process along and set and manage the Seller’s expectations and to provide a preliminary screen to further save time. We won’t bring you a bad deal or waste your time.

We utilize high-quality commercial databases to track deals and preferences of our PEG clients but prefer to supplement this data with personal contact with the client and get to know details of your requirements.

Also, let us know if there are any hot projects that are especially urgent.

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