Founded in 2001, Tango Equity is an investment advisory firm specializing in providing funding to small public and privately-held businesses as well as mergers, and acquisitions, financial services for middle market companies.

Traditional financing alternatives for small companies are all but non-existent even for small companies with excellent financial histories and encouraging prospects forcing them to forgo opportunities and curtail growth. Many of the hedge funds that have partially filled this deficit have either faced redemptions which have restricted further lending or ceased operations exacerbating the funding deficit. In addition, a federal administration which is not friendly toward small business as well as general economic conditions are making it increasingly difficult for companies to fund opportunities creating circumstances to make deals at very investor-friendly terms. The combination of greater financing needs, economic pressure, an anti-business government and the credit deficit have created a historic opportunity for the application of Tango’s successful, proven investment strategy.

Tango Equity is built on a solid foundation of partnerships, dialogues, and conversations, with our clients, employees, colleagues and associates. With over 50 years of combined investment banking and business operation experience, supported by knowledge of strategy, new business models and technology, we have a unique view of the market and marketplaces and utilize a highly structured approach to our client’s transactions.
We approach each engagement in a very focused and personalized manner. We spend a great deal of time with our clients in order that we may understand the client’s acquisition and investment criteria and strategic objectives. We work with parties on both side of the transaction to determine the optimal transaction structure and terms. A successful transaction must result in a satisfactory experience for both the buyer and the seller.