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We are relaunching Tango Equity as Tango Capital. Back in 2001, Tango also had established relationships with 1,300 main street business brokers and middle market intermediaries. We also had relationships with 800 PEGs and Family Offices and supplied our Business Clients with buying, selling and finding opportunities that they may have otherwise missed.

Give us a call if you are considering selling your business because we have relationships with hundreds of institutional investors who are probablty looking for your company as a platform or a tuck-in,

Or, perhaps you have some top management who have been with you forever and they would be interested in taking over the business. They would do a great job but they don’t have the funding sufficient to make the deal work,

Or, maybe you have grown the business up to a certain level at which you would like to expand but need a good reliabile capital parner in order to take it to the next level,

Perhaps a competitor has just contacted you with an opportunity to merge or buy their business and you have the opportunitiy of a lifetime but you either don’t have the capital to pull the trigger or are not at a stage at which you want to roll the dice all by yourself,

There are many reasons to give us a call and no reason no to,

It is free and there is no obligation.

We know the M&A business and needless to say, every call is completely confidential.

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