Institutional Investors and Middle-Market Entrepreneurs

Tango has worked with hundreds of Private Equity Groups, Family Offices, Hedge Funds and other investors (“Institutional Investors”)

Before we became a hedge fund, and thus an institutional investor ourselves, we provided information to nearly well-over eight hundred institutional Investors and published one of the most widely circulated reports of middle market investment opportunities.

We close over 90% of the deals that we work on and we have closed 56 middle market M&A transactions.

In addition to this extensive buyers network we have also gained a wide range of trusted support organizations such as advisors and professionals in multiple segments that are helpful in bringing mid-market deals to fruition. These include tax, due diligence and accounting professionals; attorneys (buyers, seller and transactional); post-sale transition and operational teams

The combination of high-quality investors who have all been screened and determined to be “real” investors with sufficient rsources to complete any transaction that we introduce them to, and the competent support personnel we close of 90% of the transactions that we accept.

For Entrepreneurs

  • Capital Formation for acqusitions and expansion
  • Selling to Institutional Investors
  • Succession planning
  • Balance Sheet Optimization

For Investors

  • Due diligence
  • Sourcing
  • Deal Flow
  • Co-Investors

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