Find the Right Institutional Investor or Strategic Buyer

We are relaunching Tango Equity as Tango Capital. Back in 2001, Tango also had established relationships with 1,300 main street business brokers and middle market intermediaries. We also had relationships with 800 PEGs and Family Offices and supplied our business brokers with buyers that they may have otherwise missed.

We take nothing from the business brokers and intermediaries and charge them nothing for our services and introductions. To the contrary, we provide the introduction to financially established professionals  capable of completing a quick deal and guarantee that they are paid in accordance with their agreement with the seller.

We do ask, but do not require, that brokers and intermediaries grant us a short embargo prior to presenting your deal to the public. We can the general circumstances of the transaction before the institutions that we feel may have an interest in your deal and get back to your quickly.

When we do this, we usually do so via a blind summary, and we only send it to a select group of prospects that we feel would have an appetite for your deal, so it will never be “shopped around” or

The broker’s clients are treated with extreme confidentiality.

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