Tango Ventures Management, LLC

As former operators in private and publicly-held companies our team can advise on most corporate issues from the process of becoming a public company, to individualized financing techniques, to optimized balance sheet management and debt restructuring.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our specialty is working with companies to prepare their privately-held company for sale, particularly selling to institutional investors such as Private Equity Groups and Family Offices. These investors share the benefits of both financial and strategic buyers. They are like financial buyers in that they are well-capitalized and do not require outside financing. They are like strategic buyers in that they have experience and ownership in the industry and are therefore able to take advantage of consolidation efficiencies which allow them to pay higher multiples. This translates into the highest multiple being paid for our client’s businesses.



Our principals have provided advisory services in over 50 middle markets acquisitions of both publicly-held and private companies, and come from a private equity and family office background. We have literally “written the book” of private equity institution private-company transactions. This book called “IT Takes Two…Selling Your Company to An Institutional Investor” is being used as a textbook in MBA courses in several universities. Mr. Malino, who is the principal in every M&A transaction was CEO of ATC Environmental Services (Nasdaq-listed at that time) and brought the company from $9 million in annual revenue to over $160 million adding nearly 2,000 employees and 70 offices internationally. This company was sold to a Private Equity Group for over $140 million.

Debt Purchase

A company can often enhance its balance sheet by decreasing or restructuring a portion of its existing debt obligations. This can often reduce that cash interest payments, extend or enhance the terms of the obligations. Tango will work with existing note holders to purchase all or a portion of the creditor’s position, in most cases, as full face value.

Debt to Equity Conversions 3(a)(10)

Tango can restructure a business’s debt by working with creditors and offering solutions such as exchanges of debt for equity to achieve lowering of the company’s debt obligations and achieving an optimal balance between debt and equity.

Financial Analysis


Balance Sheet Optimization